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Brand Identity

Contribution: Concept Ideation, Logo System & Illustration.

Collaboration: Concept Ideation, Design of print & social media collateral by Sam Arnold

The Park_BrandBoard.jpg

About The Project


The Brand for The Park Co-working is a 2020 collaboration between myself and designer Sam Arnold. The Park is a Co-working space, set to open in the fall of 2020 in Bowmanville’s sought after 182 Wellington Street historical building. The loft setting is slated to include a co-working space, meeting rooms, photography studio & prop rentals, as well as a podcasting studio. The brand for The Park plays off of the space’s positioning line: “where work comes to play,” and utilizes a dynamic logo system which includes a set of hand-illustrated alternate logos, each representing one of the brand’s key pillars.

The brand is meant to be playful while sophisticated & contemporary enough to attract entrepreneurs within and outside of its target audience: young, trendy, tech-savvy professionals seeking a collaborative space to cure the loneliness of being a solo entrepreneur.

The “where work comes to play,” brand positioning line is carried through the collateral by introducing a playful sugar packet design for the space’s mini café, hopscotch floor decals and even an interactive & useful deck of cards in lieu of a traditional welcome package.

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