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Healthy Habit Haul Workbook

Marketing Design
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About the Project

Dr. Denise Patterson, ND is on the cusp of releasing her first book titled "The Healthy Habit Haul". The book is a step-by-step guide to living a healthier, happier life backed by Dr. Denise's expertise in holistic health. The book is geared towards millennials prioritizing their health as they get a grip on adulthood. The cover for the book resembles and old school journal, deriving inspiration from the 90's classic Harriet the Spy.

The Workbook is intended to accompany The Healthy Habit Haul, helping put into practice what Dr. Denise teaches in the book. These downloadable templates needed to be printer friendly, so I maintained contrast throughout to ensure optimal legibility while still incorporating Dr. Denise's brand colours. Taking inspiration from the hand-scrawled journals of a 90's teen, I drew the boxes/lines, as well as the symbols and graphics, to give the Workbook a hand-drawn feel.

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