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Brand Identity

The Cancer

About The Project

The Cancer Naturopath is a naturopathic doctor that works with patients that have had or currently have cancer. For patients in remission, they provide treatment plans to reduce likelihood of recurrence. For patients with an active diagnosis, they create treatment plans to support their conventional care to reduce side effects, improve effectiveness of their treatment and improve quality of life.

Our goal in developing a logo for The Cancer Naturopath was to create a symbol of trustworthiness and hope. The lighthouse is a symbol of safety and security in the face of challenge and diversity. Along with this symbolic metaphor for the work the Cancer Naturopath does, Alaina’s personal connection to the ocean made the lighthouse the perfect symbol for the Cancer Naturopath’s brand. The designer used a darker tone of The Cancer Naturopath’s existing brand colour to create a more legible logo. A bold sans-serif font was also chosen to increase legibility, as well approachability.

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